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#289 Take a Makeup Class

I’ve always been passionate about makeup ever since I got my first makeup kit in elementary school.  Although I was one of the first girls in my class to experiment with makeup, my skills have unfortunately fallen far behind.  There’s a reason why makeup artists are referred to as artists, as there’s so much skill that’s put into great makeup application.  This is a skill I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time, which is why taking a class to improve my makeup skills is on my bucket list.

Sephora offers free makeup classes at most of their stores in the US and at the Yorkdale location in Canada.  I happen to live quite close to their only Yorkdale, so I’ve taken their Smoky Eye class and their Highlight & Contour class.  Both classes were phenomenal and I learned some great techniques that I’d never heard before.  For example, they taught us that we shouldn’t use natural hair brushes for liquids because they’ll absorb a lot of the product.  They also taught me how I should be applying my powders in one direction as opposed to a back and forth motion.

The class setup was very cool, and I felt like I was in a makeover montage in a movie.  In the middle of the store was a long booth set up with stations for each student stocked with all the products you would need to complete the look.  The teachers went around and asked us about our skin type and then went and grabbed products that they thought would work well for each of us.  They also provided us with written instructions, along with a pen to take notes.

The teacher went through a couple of steps at a time on a model (I was chosen as the model for the Smoky Eye class!), and then let the students take a try.  The teachers were standing close by if you needed any other products, or just some extra support.  I ended up loving both of the looks I left with, and am still using all of the tips and tricks I learned.

I was slightly worried that the teachers would be quite pushy, but this was not the case.  The teachers were more than willing to help you pick out products, but they didn’t pressure you into buying anything.  They even gave each student a pack of makeup samples to try out!

Sephora Makeup ClassSephora Makeup ClassIMG_7129

Have you tried any of the makeup classes at Sephora?  Let me know in the comments if there are any that I should try!

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