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#416 Rent a Designer Gown

I first heard of the concept of renting a designer gown a few years ago, and instantly thought it was a genius idea. Whenever I’ve had to go to fancy events, I’ve either bit the bullet and bought an expensive dress that I’ve only worn for one night, or I’ve settled with a cheaper option that wasn’t the best quality. Renting instead of buying is becoming more popular in today’s society, so it makes sense that this trend is crossing over to the fashion industry.

I rented a dress from Rent Frock Repeat for my boyfriend’s dentistry ball. Rent Frock Repeat is the biggest dress rental service in Canada, and there are other companies providing similar services in other countries, such as Rent the Runway in the US.

The customer experience was amazing from beginning to end. Rent Frock Repeat has showroom in Toronto where you can book a personal styling appointment. When you have your appointment, the stylist will help you build your wish list so you’ll have dress options whenever an event pops up. The stylist takes notes on the fit of each dress you try on, so you’ll know exactly what size you need when ordering online. Tip: the stylists know the dresses very well, so give their suggestions a try even if you don’t initially like them. The dress I ended up choosing wouldn’t be something I would typically choose for myself, but it ended up being super flattering. Rent Frock Repeat also offers Skype consultations to those that can’t make it into one of their showrooms. They also give you the option of ordering two sizes of a dress for only $10 extra. The stylist wasn’t pushy at all, and totally understood that I wanted to get some opinions from friends before I booked my dress.

The cost of renting my dress was roughly $150, which included the dress, shipping costs, insurance, and dry cleaning. You can cut the cost of shipping if you’re able to pick it up and drop it off yourself. The dress I rented was a gorgeous navy velvet mermaid gown from Nissa, which retails for roughly $500. The dress was in pristine condition, and looked like it had never been touched. It fit me perfectly, and I got many compliments on my dress. The shipment also included a return envelope for sending the dress back to Ontario. They take care of all the dry cleaning, so all you have to do is put it in mail after your event.

Renting designer dress from Rent Frock Repeat

Shout out to the amazing staff at Rent Frock Repeat who answered all of my emails when I was paranoid my dress would get lost in the mail (it ended up getting here in plenty of time).

Let me know which dresses are on your wish list from Rent Frock Repeat!

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