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#167 Take a Cooking Class

I’d like to think I’m a pretty good cook, but I’m always willing to learn a thing or two in the kitchen. I heard that Loblaws runs cooking classes at select locations across the country through their PC Cooking School, and I thought it sounded like a brilliant opportunity to expand my skills. I looked up their list of classes, and they offer classes in cuisines from all around the world – French, Italian, Thai, Caribbean, Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese, Nova Scotian etc. I decided to go with Cajun food, as that’s not something I would typically eat; there aren’t a lot of Cajun restaurants in Nova Scotia.

I showed up to the class with two of my friends after registering online. The class took place in a room above the grocery store, and it was set up with a main kitchen at the front and tables and chairs facing towards it. There were about 10 other people in the class, and the chef and an assistant. The chef seemed very experienced, and had worked at restaurants all over Nova Scotia for many years. I didn’t notice this when I registered online, but the class was a demonstration class, instead of a hands on class. That was okay by me, I was happy to relax, learn, and taste some Cajun food.

When we walked in, we were immediately served ice cold lime water from the assistant. The chef introduced himself, and presented us each with the recipes of what we would be making that night. We directed us to a mirror we could look at above the countertop so we could see everything the chef was doing from a bird’s eye view. We were going to be tackling shrimp Gumbo, Cajun chicken pasta, beignets, and pecan pie. I learned some new things, like how to make a roux, and the right way to cut herbs. Whenever a new course was ready, the assistant would serve us our food to our table and clear away the old plates. The food was definitely good, not amazing though. We think they were a bit skimpy with some of the spices, but it’s likely because not everyone enjoys a lot of heat. For health and safety reasons, we couldn’t take home any of the dishes with meat or fish, but we were able to take home leftover beignets and pecan pie,.

I’d say the class was definitely worth the money; it cost $25 plus tax. You definitely got your moneys worth for your food. It took about 2 hours to complete (and eat) all the dishes, and there was some time to chat with friends. It was a great activity to do with my friends, and I definitely learned some new techniques.

Have you ever tried a PC Cooking Class? Find our more from their website:


PC Cooking SchoolPC Cooking School

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