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#274 Visit the Eiffel Tower at Midnight

I was inspired to visit the Eiffel tower at midnight by an episode of The Hills. Lauren had finally ended her relationship with Brody, who had stopped her from going to Paris for an internship. She was now single and being sent on a business trip to Paris by Teen Vogue. Lauren vowed to never turn down an opportunity for a boy, and was ecstatic to be getting a second chance at Paris. She really got the most out of Paris in a few short days; one of the highlights of the episode was when she hopped on the back of a Vespa with a hot Parisian guy sped off to pop champagne at the base of the Eiffel tower at midnight. Ever since I saw this episode, I wanted to see the Eiffel tower glittering at night.

I was in Paris in the summer of 2017, and I made a point to visit the Eiffel tower at midnight on the last night of our travels. It was a great finale trip! When we were walking to the Eiffel Tower, we could see the light show going off. It was beautiful, and we couldn’t wait to get a closer look. When we got there, the lights were still on, but they had stopped sparkling. We later found out that the light show only happens for 5 minutes starting on every hour. We ended up having to wait around for an hour to catch the next light show; there are definitely worse things that can happen than having to hang out at the Eiffel tower at night with your boyfriend.

It’s legal to drink alcohol in public in France, so you can go to any grocery store and pick up a bottle of wine to enjoy with the light show. If you forget, there are plenty of people that will be trying to sell you overpriced booze.   Although, these illegal vendors tend to hide their liquor in the trash when cops are nearby, so I’m not sure I would purchase anything from them. There are also lots of rats running around after dark, so beware of leaving any food around.

If you’re in Paris, I would definitely recommend checking out the marvel of city at night! I preferred my night-time visit to my day-time visit; it’s a lot less crowded and the light show is nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

Leave me a comment of any suggestions for my next trip to Paris. Like this post if you want me to do more posts about my most recent trip to Europe.Eiffel tower at midnight


1 thought on “#274 Visit the Eiffel Tower at Midnight”

  1. Such an amazing blog!! Sex and the City meets 2018 but without the sex and constant wondering from Carrie (- “and i couldn’t help but wonder, does this relate to my life?” – yes carrie it does, we already knew that. Move on.) Thanks for all the amazing tips! I feel like I have added tons of stuff to my list already, after reading just a few of your posts!


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