Night of Mystery murder party
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#165 Attend a Murder Mystery Party

Last weekend I found out I was a murderer (at a murder mystery party).  My friend had been wanting to organize a murder mystery party for awhile, and her boyfriend surprised her with one for her birthday.  We came back from my friend’s birthday dinner and were transported back to Chicago in the 1920s.  The kitchen was now a speakeasy called the Juice Joint, and we were the regular patrons with ties to various mobsters.
The game was purchased from, and included all of our character descriptions, and voting cards.  The package is downloaded as a PDF, so the host will have to print all of this from home.  The host of the game doesn’t have to read any of these, so they can join in on the fun as well!  There weren’t any decorations or costumes included in the package, so you’ll want to let everyone know their characters beforehand so they get can their outfits together.
The game was super fun, and really easy to organize (according to the host).  There were some characters that were less important than others, and mainly there to stir the pot.  When you purchase one of these games, you buy them according to the range of people that may attend.  For example, our game was for 8 – 12 guests, and had a list of what characters can be cut according to the size of your party.
My character ended up being the murderer; I’m not going to say who I was as I don’t want to spoil the game!  When I got my character description, it told me my relationship with all of the other guests.  I was also given instructions for what information I had to pass onto certain people.  We all started the game with some fake money, and were encouraged to accept bribes for our information.  The first round of the game was to set up the characters, and then the murder took place.  No one knew who was going to be killed, but that victim took on the role of the private investigator after their death.  All of the guests had some of the information needed in order to solve the murder, but they had to work together to put the pieces together.  At the end of the night, the private investigator presented his findings and everyone voted on who they thought was the murderer.  Unfortunately for me, I was caught and the rest of the players won the game.  There was also an award for who had the most money.
I would definitely recommend using to organize a murder mystery party!  It was something different than what we would usually do on a Friday night, and everyone had a great time.
Let me know in the comments section if you’ve ever attended a murder mystery party!  Like this post if you want to read more about social activities that are on my bucket list.
Night of Mystery murder party

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