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#61 Ride a Segway

One of the highlights of my California roadtrip 10 years ago was the Segway tour of San Francisco.  My brother has never been a fan of the typical method of sightseeing that my parents partake in – visiting old churches and museums.  My family decided tackling the sights (and the hills) by Segway was the best way to keep my brother involved.
We arrived to the Segway facility, and were given some basic instructions on how to operate a Segway.  The tour company ( provided us with helmets and fluorescent safety vests.  From there, we all hopped on the segways and practiced starting, stopping, and turning.  Once the instructors decided that it was safe for us to ride on the segways, we hit the streets.
We were all given headsets, and the leader of the tour gave us a guided tour of the city (we went on the Fisherman’s Wharf & Waterfront tour).  Some of the highlights were visiting Ghirardelli square, Municipal pier, and North Beach.  When we got down to the waterfront, the leader increased our speed limit on the segways.  In the first half of the tour, the instructors locked our segways so we couldn’t go too fast.
We all had an amazing time on the tour, and I had never seen my brother have so much fun on a family vacation.  The segways were fairly simple to operate, considering I was 12 (which is the minimum age to participate).  There were a few times I started going a bit too fast, but they were pretty intuitive to slow down.
Have you ever been on a segway tour?  Comment below on your experience.  Like this post if you want to read more about my trip to California.

Segway tour in San FranciscoRiding a segway

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