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#277 Be a Member of the Audience on a Talk Show

As an avid watcher daytime TV, it only made sense that I would want to see it unfold in the flesh. One of my best friends, Kaitlin Narciso – blogger behind A Caffeinated Life, was working as the Talent and Guest Coordinator at the daytime talk show The Social. When she invited me to be an audience member on the show, I jumped at the opportunity.

A few days before the taping, we were emailed by the audience coordinator giving us instructions for the day. They told us to wear solid colours, as detailed patterns don’t look as good on camera. On the day of the taping, we headed down to the TV studio and waited in a roped off waiting area outside for about half an hour. Our names were double checked against the guestlist when we headed inside. We then had to wait in another roped off area under supervision; we even had to be escorted to the bathroom. We were given lots of instructions for the taping, which included standing up when the hosts enter, turning off our cellphones, and cheering and booing as much as possible. Group by group, they called us into the studio and seated us in the audience. We were able to sit in the front row because the audience coordinator knew that we were friends with Kaitlin.

For our taping, there weren’t any big name celebrities on the show. We had a great time during the taping of the show; there were segments about current events, fitness, and cooking. When the hosts entered the studio during the intro to the show, we were required to clap; after clapping for so long, our hands started to ache a little bit. During the commercial breaks, we were allowed to take out our phones and take a few pictures.

After the taping was over, the hosts came back out to greet the audience. They were very courteous and shook everyone’s hands. We were able to take photos with them, and grab some cute pictures around the set. We wanted to take some pictures with Kaitlin of course; I guess people thought Kaitlin was someone of note because other audience members were requesting to take photos with her. We also got a gift bag when we were leaving which included a men’s grooming gift set. According to Kaitlin, they were scheduled to do a segment on that topic, but it got replaced at the last minute. My father thoroughly enjoyed his new grooming kit.

The taping was free to attend, so I would definitely recommend that you check one out if you have a talk show in your city. There a few talk shows that film in that studio, so some people even attend a few tapings in one day. There is typically a waitlist, and you may not get much choice of what episode you attend. My goal now is to attend one of the bigger American talk shows, such as The Ellen Show.

Comment down below if you’ve ever been a member of the audience on a talk show.  Let me know which talk shows I should try to check out!


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