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#316 Party in a Private Booth of a Nightclub

My friend, Janessa, attended a pub crawl in December, and the final destination was one of the biggest club in the city – Cheers.  When she finally arrived at the end of the night, she was greeted with a massive line circled around the building.  In classic Cheers fashion, they were only letting people in who gave the bouncers a payout.  In her drunken state, she took to Facebook and wrote a scathing review of the place (who actually reads Facebook reviews for bars?).  Cheers took notice, and sent her a message saying they were sorry that she had that experience at their establishment, and wanted to make it up for her.  They offered her free bottle service with a private booth at another one of their locations on a night of her choosing.  When she invited me to party in a private booth with free booze, the answer was an immediate yes.
She booked the booth a few weeks in advance, and when the day finally arrived, I informed that my boyfriend probably wasn’t going to make it out because he had to study for an exam.  Janessa was counting on my boyfriend to make an appearance, as we need at least 4 people to get bottle service.  I never thought about this, but it makes sense they aren’t going to hand over a bottle of vodka to just 3 people.  Janessa invited a few of her other friends, hoping that one of them would show up so we could get served.  Surprisingly, multiple people were intrigued by the idea of a cheap night out.  We ended up having two cars full of people.
When we arrived to the bar, we didn’t have to wait in the line (this was a major bonus because it was freezing cold that night!).  Cover was free for all of us; usually cover would be $10.  We also didn’t have to check our coats, because we could just leave them in our booth.  When we got to our booth, they asked us what type of liquor we would like (vodka, rum, gin, or tequila).  We chose vodka, and decided to pay the $20 upgrade to the premium vodka.  They also told us we could choose a couple mixes (e.g. juice, soda water) to pair with the vodka.  Whenever we wanted a drink, we had to wait for the waitress to come over and pour them.  The bottle of vodka is actually locked up in a cage so we couldn’t get access to it without our server.  The vodka only lasted about a half hour, but we were still able to order individual drinks from the waitress.
The night was such a success, we had an amazing time being treated like VIPs and barely made a dent on my typical budget allotted for a night out.  They don’t have a limit on how many people can enter the booth, so it would definitely be worth it to get a booth and bottle service if you can split it with a big group of people.

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