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#564 Eat soufflé in France

Whenever I travel abroad, I try to taste as many local foods as possible. So of course, when I took my trip to France last Summer, I made a point to seek out soufflé. These baked egg dishes are notoriously difficult to make; they have to have just the right consistency to rise in the oven and will start to fall as soon as they begin to cool down.

On the recommendation of my father, I checked out the restaurant Le Soufflé, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The restaurant specializes in the dish and makes sweet and savory versions. We went for lunch before heading to the youth night at the louvre (Tip: the louvre is free on Fridays after 6pm if you’re under 26). They have a variety of pre-set menus, but we decided to order à la carte.

The first dish we had was beouf bourguignon soufflé; this dish came out as a plain soufflé and a gravy dish full of the beouf bourguignon. The server poked a whole into the soufflé and poured the beef in red wine sauce all over the soufflé. I had never had soufflé before, and the best way I can explain the dish is if bread and eggs had a baby. It’s light and fluffy, and looks super impressive when the dish is served. For dessert, I ordered the chocolate soufflé and it looked so amazing, I made my boyfriend take my picture with it. My boyfriend got the vanilla and caramel soufflé, so I got to try that one as well (I made the better choice). My dad recommended the Grand Marnier soufflé; allegedly they leave the entire bottle of Grand Marnier on the table to douse the soufflé. I would definitely recommend checking out Le Soufflé if you’re in Paris. I thought the prices were quite reasonable, about 18 euros for the savory soufflés and 12 euros for the dessert soufflés.

I was inspired when I returned to Canada, and even tried making chocolate soufflé myself. Surprisingly, it was a success! Next on the list – cheese soufflé.

Let me know in the comments if you want to hear about more of my food experiences.

Beef bourguignon souffle
Beef Bourguignon Soufflé
Caramel Souffl
Caramel Soufflé


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