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#109 Take a Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing is something I’ve always wanted to try because it seems so empowering.  Being confident that you could fend for yourself (or at least buy some time) in an emergency situation is very comforting.  I looked up kickboxing studios in my area, and came across 30 Minute Hit.  It’s a female only kickboxing circuit that has franchises across Canada.  They offered a free trial class, so I convinced my roommate to try it out with me.

When we showed up to the gym, we were guided downstairs to the basement.  We were greeted by a woman who appeared to be the trainer.  The studio is set up with about 10 stations, and a large timer mounted to a wall.  For the free trial, the studio lent us all of the equipment needed (including boxing gloves).  To start the 30 minute cycle, you have to wait until the first station is free and then hit the first station as soon as the timer resets.  The trainer was super helpful and walked us through each of the stations.  She was by our sides encouraging us and ensuring that we were doing the exercises properly.  It appears that the current members didn’t get the same attention, but could reach out anytime if they needed some assistance.  The stations were a mix of kickboxing exercise (such as uppercuts, lowercuts, and kicks), and general strength exercises.  Let me tell you – I definitely felt this the next day.  My favourite station was one where they had a dummy that you could practice any of your kickboxing moves.

After the class was over, the trainer took us over all of the membership options.  I can’t recall the exact prices, but they were definitely out of my student budget.  I didn’t feel too much pressure to sign-up, but I made sure to tell the trainer that I was considering it.  The gym was a bit of a hike from my apartment, so I know I wouldn’t be able to force myself to make the journey on a regular basis.  As well, I’m uncertain if the circuits change at all, and if so, how frequently.  I can imagine that the circuit could get a bit dull after a few weeks.  I want to try a class with a more hands on approach where I could try practicing my moves with someone else.  Please give me your suggestions if you know any studios in the Halifax area.

Let me know in the comments if you want to read more fitness posts.

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