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#111 Attend a Foam Party

As a former sorority girl, I’ve attended my fair share of frat parties. During this time, I had the pleasure of attending the epitome of a frat party – the foam party. It’s an event where the entire venue is covered in foam; usually dispensed from a foam generator. The guests typically don their best swimsuits and then proceed to dance and drink in the foam all the night. At the age of 20, this sounded like a marvelous idea (as long as I didn’t have to do the cleanup).

As word spread around that one of the fraternities was hosting a foam party in their basement, many people were questioning how they would ever get the moisture out of their house and what they would do when their basement was covered in mold a few months later. Although I had these same questions, my initial response was that I was game. I attended the party with my little (sorority term for the member that I was “mentoring”), and my grand-little (the little of my little – I know it’s confusing). We showed up in bikinis covered up with tank tops and shorts for the walk over to the frat house. Luckily, it was quite a warm night for late April. I wasn’t totally comfortable being in a bikini in the basement of a frat house, so I chose to keep my denim shorts on for the night.

Since no other GLO (Greek Life Organization) would have been willing to sacrifice their house to throw a foam party, members of all organizations showed up for the experience. It was actually really nice to see people from the Greek community (sororities and fraternities) come together for a night.

I have a few tips if you end up attending one of these parties. First of all, the floor can be very slippery. My little jumped on a guy’s back to get a piggyback ride, he fell back and her head landed on the concrete floor. We’re fairly certain she got a concussion. Secondly, please have a shower after you get home. Although you spend the night essentially covered in soap, the detergent they use to make the foam can be quite strong. My little woke up the next day covered in a rash because she didn’t wash the foam off. As you can imagine, she did not have a great morning after. I’ve also heard that you have to be wary about the location of any electronics during the foam party. There have been cases of people being electrocuted at some of these parties. Besides the issues mentioned above, we had a great night! Although, I think I may have matured and don’t know if I would go out of my way to attend one of these parties in the future (been there, done that).

Sadly (or not), I didn’t end up going back to that frat house much in my senior year of university so I can’t give you an update on the status of that basement. The house is still standing though, so that’s a good sign!

foam party, sorority, frat partyfoam party, frat party, fraternity party

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