Atlantic Fashion Week, Front Row Seats
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#125 Attend Fashion Week & #525 Have Front Row Seats

Fashion week in my hometown of Toronto is a pretty big deal. Although it’s not as big as it is in cities like New York or Paris, it’s the biggest fashion event in the country. I’ve had friends who’ve had the opportunity to attend the event in some capacity, and thought I’d like to attend a Fashion Week at some point in my life.

After moving to Nova Scotia for school, I thought attending a Fashion Week wouldn’t be possible in the near future. When I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across a post about Atlantic Fashion Week looking for volunteers. Even though it likely wouldn’t be as glamorous as some other events in Toronto, I jumped at the opportunity to attend a Fashion Week for free. I was available for 2 of the showcase nights located at the casino in downtown Halifax. The events consisted of groups of local designers coming together to show off their collections with the help of amateur models. The organizers of the event were very eager for volunteer signups and I felt extremely welcome to be there.

The first night I arrived at the venue a few hours before the show started and worked with other volunteers to set up all of the chairs for the venue and prepare the programs and the gift bags. Once all of the guests were seated, I was able to check off #525 on my bucket list by being a seat filler and snagging an empty seat in the front row. The show was amazing and it was great to see all of the amazing talent in the Halifax area.

Atlantic Fashion Week, Front Row Seats


The next night, I was responsible for greeting guests, taking tickets, and managing the guest list (I was even able to take some photos on the red carpet!) Some of the local bloggers that I love attended the event, so it was super cool being able to connect with them in person.

Atlantic Fashion Week, Red Carpet

If there are any major events (e.g. sporting events, concerts, fundraiser) that are on your bucket list, I would look into volunteer opportunities. You can often get access to experiences that aren’t available to the general public, not to mention free admission.

I want to volunteer at Atlantic Fashion Week again next year in a social media capacity, as it’s right up my alley and would look great on my resume. If I ever go back to Toronto, it would be such a relevant experience to put on my application for Toronto Fashion Week.

Do you want to hear more about my unique volunteer experiences? Let me know in the comments section below.





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