Maritime Bucket List: Visit the Home of Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a literary staple for children worldwide and has sold 50 million copies in over 36 languages. It tells the tale of an orphaned girl growing up on a farm in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. Anne of Green Gables has a special meaning to me, as my grandmother gifted me an Anne doll for Christmas as a child. Secondly, the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, attended the same university as me (Go tigers!).

I must admit that this isn’t the actual home of Anne of Green Gables (a fictional character). Lucy Maud Montgomery spent time at Green Gables growing up, as it was owned by some of her extended family. She used the farm as the setting for her debut novel, even borrowing the names of trails on the property, Haunted Wood Trail and Balsam Hollow Trail. Green Gables Heritage Place is now a national historic site, owned by the government of Canada.

My boyfriend and I took a roadtrip to Prince Edward Island for the weekend and planned a stop at the Green Gables Heritage Place. When we got over the bridge to PEI, we first stopped at the PEI Preserve Company for lunch. The food and the view is fantastic (I’d highly recommend their Seafood Pot Pie). It can get a bit busy during the peak season (July & August), so I’d recommend making a reservation.

After lunch, we drove to Cavendish to visit the Green Gables Heritage Place (approx. a 40 minute drive from the bridge). We arrived mid-afternoon in early August and the place was hopping. Luckily, the site has plenty of free parking so that was a non-issue. The admission was about $8 for an adult, but the price goes down if you aren’t visiting in peak season.

When we arrived at Green Gables, we headed to the farmhouse to take some photos. After that, we went on a self-guided tour of the farmhouse, which is decorated with early 20th century furnishings (the time period of Anne of Green Gables). We then walked a few minutes on the trails, but quickly turned around because it sweltering that day and we were desperate to find some air conditioning. They usually have an opportunity for children to meet the characters from Green Gables and play some children’s games from the early 1900s. They have tons of great photo opportunities, including trying on a red braided Anne wig and posing in front of an old wooden wagon. There’s an enormous gift shop filled with Anne paraphernalia for everyone in your life. It also has a wide selection of non-Anne related products from PEI, so it can be a great place to pick up some souvenirs.

Standing in front of the farmhouse at Green Gables Heritage Place

I would definitely recommend visiting Green Gables if it’s your first time to PEI! My visit helped me realize how many exciting things we can do close to home; checking things off of your bucket list doesn’t mean you have to travel half way around the world.

Let me know in the comments if you want to write more posts about my travels through the Maritimes! Is there anywhere that you think I should visit?

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