Blueberries in Oxford
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#679 Make Jam from Handpicked Berries

This item on my bucket list was inspired by my friend Kaitlin, who when asked about her hobbies will proudly boast about her jam making abilities. After listening to her speak about how fun and easy the jam making process is, I thought I’d put in on my bucket list.  Following my trip to Oxford,… Continue reading #679 Make Jam from Handpicked Berries

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#244 Eat Pasta in Italy

If you've been following my blog, you would know that I'm a huge foodie. Many of the items on my bucket list consist of trying some delicious delicacies in their nation of origin. On the top of the list is try pasta in Italy. On my first trip to Italy (a day trip from the… Continue reading #244 Eat Pasta in Italy

Moonshine at Compass Distillers
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#890 Drink Moonshine

Moonshine has always been the bad boy of hard liquor.  It got its reputation from historically being brewed in secret to avoid paying tax on alcohol and having a higher alcohol content than traditional whiskey.  Moonshine is gaining more of a spotlight as distillers are putting the corn mash based liquor on their roster (ensuring… Continue reading #890 Drink Moonshine