My Bucket List

Here is my ultimate bucket list! I started a bucket list about 10 years ago, and this list has grown ever since. This list is evolving and may change.

  1.  Learn a second language
  2. Live in a foreign country
  3. Have a pen pal (completed in 2012)
  4. Find a four leaf clover
  5. Go backpacking
  6. Sleep under the stars
  7. Ride a mechanical bull
  8. Send a message in a bottle (completed in 2016)
  9. Be in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day
  10. Live in the countryside
  11. Visit an active volcano
  12. Donate blood (completed in 2014)
  13. Run a marathon
  14. Spend Christmas on the beach
  15. Participate in the polar bear dip
  16. Vote (completed in 2014)
  17. Shower in a waterfall
  18. Publish a book
  19. Win blackjack in Vegas
  20. Walk on hot coals
  21. See an iceberg
  22. Make family tree (completed in 2013)
  23. Go on a cruise
  24. Climb a mountain
  25. Start a collection (completed in 2013)
  26. Ride a gondola in Venice
  27. Adopt an animal from a shelter
  28. Go cliff jumping
  29. Be able to do a pushup
  30. Pop a bottle of champagne (completed in 2018)
  31. Jump off a pier (completed in 2016)
  32. Do an archeological dig
  33. Watch sea turtle eggs hatch
  34. Kiss someone under mistletoe
  35. Be a bridesmaid
  36. Go parasailing
  37. Attend a pride parade (completed in 2010)
  38. Be on a kiss cam
  39. Go skydiving
  40. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
  41. Learn how to surf
  42. Visit the Grand Canyon
  43. Help build a house (completed in 2016)Habitat for Humanity build site
  44. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  45. See the northern lights
  46. Ride in a helicopter
  47. Visit the Great Wall of China
  48. Ride a camel in the desert (completed in 2016)Riding a camel in the desert
  49. Go whitewater rafting
  50. Be part of a flash mob
  51. Go to a music festival (completed in 2016)
  52. Stay in a hostel
  53. Do a pub crawl (completed in 2015)12 barz pub crawl
  54. Sleep in a castle
  55. Float in the dead sea (completed in 2016)floating in the dead sea
  56. Grow your own food
  57. Ride in a hot air balloon
  58. Go to a drive-in movie theatre
  59. Visit a bioluminescent bay
  60. Attend La Tomatina festival in Spain
  61. Ride a Segway (completed in 2009)California and Las Vegas 2008 013
  62. Ride a vespa in Europe
  63. Scream at the top of your lungs
  64. Stay in an overwater bungalow
  65. Ride a jetski
  66. Celebrate your half birthday
  67. Travel by yourself
  68. Attend a bachelorette party
  69. Watch the sunrise (completed in 2016)
  70. Do a pole dancing class (completed in 2014)
  71. Meet the prime minister
  72. Stay in a convent
  73. Crowd surf
  74. Ride an ATV
  75. Try standup paddle boarding (completed in 2018)
  76. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
  77. Ride a cable car in San Francisco (completed in 2009)Riding a San Francisco cable car
  78. Try acupuncture (completed in 2018)
  79. Flip a house
  80. Attend a masquerade ball (completed in 2017)
  81. Visit Loch Ness
  82. Learn how to code (completed in 2018)
  83. Attend a luau
  84. Make a Guinness World Record
  85. Ride a sleeper train (completed in 2017)
  86. Play golf
  87. Do a mud run
  88. Go wakeboarding
  89. Do a keg stand
  90. Do karaoke and make a fool of yourself (completed in 2016)
  91. Go on an African safari
  92. Attend a focus group (completed in 2017)
  93. Visit every Canadian province and territory
  94. Attend an outdoor movie screening (completed in 2017)
  95. Go zorbing
  96. Ride a rickshaw
  97. Ride a snowmobile
  98. Pull an all-nighter
  99. Visit the pyramids of Egypt
  100. Have my 11:11 wish come true (completed in 2016)
  101. Experience zero gravity
  102. Be hypnotized
  103. Swim in a cave
  104. Visit a geothermal spring in Iceland
  105. Host a dinner party (completed in 2018)
  106. Buy a lobster and set it free
  107. Drive across Canada
  108. Ride in a submarine
  109. Take a kickboxing class (completed in 2017)
  110. See a polar bear in the wild
  111. Attend a foam party (completed in 2016)Foam party
  112. Play paint ball
  113. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain (completed in 2017)Trevi fountain
  114. Skip stones (completed in 2016)
  115. Start a business
  116. Donate your hair to people fighting cancer (completed in 2016)
  117. Catch a ball at a major league baseball game
  118. Go on a roadtrip with no planned destination
  119. Attend a university class that you aren’t enrolled in (completed in 2014)
  120. Swim in a fountain
  121. Have a New Years kiss (completed in 2019)
  122. Win money on a TV game show
  123. Learn calligraphy (completed in 2018)
  124. Go to an award show
  125. Attend a fashion week (completed in 2017)Atlantic Fashion Week
  126. Get a reading from a medium
  127. Have a personal stylist
  128. Be a professor
  129. Do yoga in India
  130. Get a massage by the beach
  131. Have a candlelit dinner on the beach with someone you love
  132. Start a fire without matches
  133. Sleep in an igloo
  134. Milk a cow
  135. Try snowboarding
  136. Dance on top of a bar (completed in 2016)
  137. Get a caricature drawn
  138. Put a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem (completed in 2016)
  139. Go to the movies by yourself (completed in 2017)
  140. Order room service
  141. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant (completed in 2018)michelin star restaurant, belcanto restaurant
  142. Cook through every recipe in a cookbook
  143. Eat alone at a restaurant (completed in 2018)
  144. Try caviar (completed in 2017)
  145. Stomp grapes
  146. Bid at a live auction
  147. Visit a European Christmas Market
  148. Drink at the Guinness Brewery
  149. Attend a proper British tea in London (completed in 2012)British tea at The Wolseley
  150. Send out Christmas cards (completed in 2017)
  151. Do laser tag
  152. Send a fan letter (completed in 2018)
  153. Enter art in an exhibit
  154. Design a website (completed in 2017)
  155. Take a painting class
  156. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  157. Witness the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup
  158. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in different countries
  159. Keep a journal (completed in 2007)
  160. Have your own star
  161. Get a university degree (completed in 2017)Graduating from Dalhousie University
  162. Write a letter to Juliet (completed in 2010)
  163. Party in Ibiza
  164. Sew something you can wear
  165. Attend a murder mystery party (completed in 2018)
  166. Attend a wedding in a different country
  167. Take a cooking class (completed in 2017)
  168. Be on a radio show
  169. Go on a water trampoline
  170. Go geocaching
  171. Attend a gallery opening (completed in 2019)
  172. Get a fish pedicure
  173. Go to a toga party
  174. Attend the Calgary stampede
  175. Go on a business trip (completed in 2019)
  176. Be in a commercial
  177. Sell a piece of art
  178. Serve food at a soup kitchen (completed in 2015)
  179. Be in Ottawa for Canada Day
  180. Have a progressive dinner party
  181. Have a business card (completed in 2016)
  182. Have a personal trainer
  183. Leave an anonymous note in a library book (completed in 2016)
  184. Start a blog (completed in 2017)
  185. Go winter camping
  186. Have an appointment with a genealogist (completed in 2018)
  187. Drink a mojito in Cuba (completed in 2015)Drinking a mojito in Cuba
  188. Take the trans Siberian railway
  189. Read every book by one author
  190. Stay at a dude ranch
  191. Create my own cocktail (completed in 2017)
  192. Attend a full moon party in Thailand
  193. Be able to do a cartwheel
  194. Attend a winemaker’s dinner
  195. Take a wine tour of Napa Valley (completed in 2019)
  196. Go on a 18 – 35 trip
  197. Be in a parade
  198. Stay in an ice hotel
  199. Learn to bartend
  200. Have a bonfire on the beach (completed in 2015)
  201. Go back to Greening Bay (my childhood vacation spot)
  202. Drive down the coast in a convertible with music blaring
  203. Have a surprise party thrown for you
  204. Go to a midnight movie premiere
  205. Sit on a jury
  206. Eat at a sidewalk café in Paris (completed in 2017)
  207. Do an ancestry DNA test (completed in 2016)
  208. Start a charity
  209. Be in India for Diwali
  210. Be a godmother
  211. Visit an ice bar (completed in 2016)Chill Ice House in Toronto
  212. Be on the board of directors of a non-profit
  213. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  214. Take a video everyday for a year (completed in 2017)
  215. Be a mentor
  216. Go pub hopping in London (completed in 2017)
  217. Dine in the dark (completed in 2016)O. Noir restaurant Toronto
  218. Attend an ivy league school (completed in 2016)
  219. Be on the news
  220. Donate a formal dress to girls in need (completed in 2015)
  221. Do the CN tower edgewalk
  222. Have someone make me breakfast in bed
  223. Plant a tree and watch it grow
  224. Be an extra in a TV show or movie
  225. Stand on the equator (completed in 2013)Standing on the equator
  226. Fly first class
  227. Visit every American state
  228. Visit Cinque Terre (completed in 2017)Manarola
  229. Be in two places at once (completed in 2016)
  230. Protest something
  231. Be in a book club
  232. Party on a yacht
  233. Spend Halloween watching horror movies (completed in 2012)
  234. Write your name in wet cement
  235. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas
  236. Say yes to everything for a day (completed in 2016)
  237. Solve the giant crossword puzzle (completed in 2019)
  238. Be in America for July 4th
  239. Go to a book signing
  240. Try a floatation tank
  241. Attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony
  242. Make a speech at a friend’s wedding
  243. Learn to cook
  244. Eat pasta in Italy (completed in 2017)Dinner at Roscioli's in Rome
  245. Do a house swap
  246. Own a boat
  247. Party on Spring Break (completed in 2015)Drinking pina coladas on Spring Break
  248. Get a masters degree
  249. Ride an airboat through the Everglades
  250. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (completed in 2018)
  251. Visit a psychic (completed in 2015)
  252. Go to an airport and buy tickets for a random flight
  253. Party at homecoming (completed in 2016)Partying at Dalhousie's homecoming
  254. Be a CEO
  255. Win a contest (completed in 2017)
  256. Make an app
  257. Officiate a wedding
  258. Become a regular somewhere (completed in 2018)
  259. Walk the red carpet
  260. Stay at a b&b (completed in 2018)
  261. Learn to make a dish and become known for it
  262. Visit Machu Picchu
  263. Drive down the Great Ocean Road in Australia
  264. Be in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival
  265. Learn to dance
  266. Attend the lantern festival in Thailand
  267. Attend an NHL playoff game
  268. Donate to charity anonymously (completed in 2016)
  269. Visit the birthplace of your ancestors
  270. Go back to Camp Tawingo
  271. Ride the ferris wheel in Times Square (completed in 2010)
  272. Go to a cemetery at night (completed in 2014)
  273. Have a picnic on the Champ de Mars (completed in 2017)
  274. Visit the Eiffel tower at midnight (completed in 2017)
  275. Get lost in a country where you don’t speak the language (completed in 2016)
  276. Attend a garden party (completed in 2018)IMG_3305
  277. Be a member of the audience on a talk show (completed in 2016)On set of CTV's The Social
  278. Be on reality TV
  279. Eat sushi in Japan
  280. Eat gelato in Italy (completed in 2017)
  281. Go indoor skydiving
  282. Walk El Camino
  283. Take a photography class (completed in 2016)
  284. Drink champagne in Champagne
  285. Go to a Halloween party (completed in 2015)Halloween Party dressed as Cat in the Hat
  286. Watch the sunset with someone you love (completed in 2016)
  287. Go kite surfing
  288. Get a spray tan
  289. Take a makeup class (completed in 2017)
  290. Attend a white party
  291. Make a font (completed in 2018)
  292. Take a flower arranging class
  293. Own an income property
  294. Take an aerial silks class (completed in 2018)Aerial silks class at Studio in Essence
  295. See your great grandparents immigration signatures (completed in 2017)
  296. Attend a regatta
  297. Be in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos
  298. Visit the seven continents
  299. Go backstage at a concert
  300. Be a blonde (completed in 2017)
  301. Attend a ball in Europe
  302. Visit New York City in all four seasons
  303. Get a bonus
  304. Learn to embroider (completed in 2019)
  305. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  306. Go whale watching (completed in 2009)
  307. Interview someone for a job (completed in 2018)
  308. Be in India for Holi
  309. Eat pad thai in Thailand
  310. Go hang gliding
  311. Have a TED talk
  312. Ride a huge rollercoaster (completed in 2013)
  313. Host an open house
  314. Visit 50 foreign countries
  315. Be on the cover of a magazine
  316. Party in a private booth of a nightclub (completed in 2018)
  317. Go dog sledding
  318. Carve your initials into a tree
  319. Have a song written about you
  320. Have a couples Halloween costume (completed in 2016)Couples Halloween costume as PSL and barista
  321. Get your driver’s license (completed in 2011)Getting my driver's license
  322. Have a podcast
  323. Buy a house and turn it into a home
  324. Have a love padlock (completed in 2016)
  325. See a movie at TIFF (completed in 2011)
  326. Eat haggis in Scotland
  327. Explore a ghost town (completed in 2012)
  328. Paint someone’s portrait
  329. Do a séance (completed in 2013)
  330. Eat gumbo in Louisiana
  331. Attend a polo match
  332. Celebrate Chinese New Year in China
  333. Visit Lake Como
  334. Visit Capri
  335. Swim with manatees in the wild
  336. Stay in a yurt in Mongolia
  337. Attend burning man
  338. Learn to tango in Argentina
  339. Visit a hash café in Amsterdam
  340. Visit Transylvania
  341. Attend a cricket match
  342. Attend carnival in Venice
  343. Visit Catalina island
  344. Drink limoncello in Italy (completed in 2017)
  345. Do spoken word
  346. Be a “big sister”
  347. Watch every Academy Award winner for best picture
  348. Start a family tradition
  349. Get teeth whitening
  350. Have an article published in a newspaper (completed in 2013)
  351. Go on a press trip
  352. Drink tequila in Mexico
  353. Try cool sculpting
  354. Visit Petra, Jordan
  355. Be in a music video
  356. Get a PhD
  357. Have an interior designer
  358. Be a boss
  359. Fly a kite
  360. Live in a room with a view (completed in 2018)
  361. Experience a miracle
  362. Ski the Swiss Alps
  363. Go bungee jumping
  364. Win an award (completed in 2012)
  365. Complete your reading list
  366. Have a professional bra fitting (completed in 2018)
  367. Go to the top of the Empire State Building (completed in 2010)Top of the Empire State Building
  368. Visit Auschwitz
  369. Have your picture in the newspaper
  370. Attend a broadway show (completed in 2011)
  371. Pay a stranger’s restaurant bill
  372. See an opera
  373. Throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands (completed in 2016)
  374. Drink sake in Japan
  375. Drink sangria in Spain
  376. See a Cirque du Soleil show (completed in 2009)
  377. Learn to perfect 100 songs on the piano
  378. Lay in the road in the middle of the night
  379. Write a song (completed in 2010)
  380. Fly in a private jet
  381. Take a moonlit walk on the beach (completed in 2015)
  382. Have a viral video
  383. Visit Paris in every season
  384. Attend a poetry reading
  385. Participate in a sweat lodge ceremony
  386. Walk through a Wisteria tunnel in Japan
  387. Wear coloured contacts
  388. Go windsurfing
  389. Visit a Turkish bathhouse
  390. Visit Salar de Uyuni
  391. Drink vodka in Russia
  392. Visit Alcatraz (completed in 2009)Cell in Alcatraz
  393. Attend a service for all of the major religions
  394. Start a hashtag (completed in 2017)
  395. Eat churros in Mexico
  396. Drink a caipirinha in Brazil
  397. Learn to drive a stick
  398. Attend a political convention
  399. Restore an object you love
  400. Make a documentary
  401. Throw an annual theme party
  402. Ride a Zamboni
  403. Book an around the world ticket
  404. Attend an Oscar party
  405. Judge a competition
  406. Speak on a panel
  407. Speak at a conference
  408. Be on a talk show
  409. Eat dinner in the sky
  410. Go bouldering
  411. Do outdoor yoga
  412. Visit Quebec City in the winter
  413. Have an appointment with a nutritionist (completed in 2018)
  414. Try cupping (completed in 2018)
  415. Take an etiquette class (completed in 2018)
  416. Rent a designer gown (completed in 2018)Renting a designer gown from Rent Frock Repeat
  417. Swim from one continent to another
  418. Navigate a personal underwater submarine
  419. Rope swing into water
  420. Learn to sail
  421. Visit the Amazon rainforest
  422. Visit a floating market in Thailand
  423. Take a jewelry making class
  424. Send out Valentine’s Day cards (completed in 2018)
  425. Attend the Olympic games
  426. Abseil down a building
  427. Fly on a trapeze
  428. Live on a boat
  429. Fly in a blimp
  430. See elephants in the wild
  431. Attend the Cannes film festival
  432. Attend a concert at Carnegie hall
  433. Cross the Atlantic by boat
  434. Ride the autobahn
  435. Eat pirogies in Poland
  436. Take a life drawing class
  437. Take a National Geographic expedition
  438. Go on a volunteer trip to a foreign country (completed in 2013)Me to We trip to Ecuador
  439. Do a colour run
  440. Make an investment (completed in 2018)
  441. Make a Kiva loan (completed in 2017)
  442. Take a seaplane
  443. Go on a police ride along
  444. Shear a sheep
  445. See a solar eclipse
  446. Blow glass
  447. Make my own perfume (completed in 2018)
  448. Drive on route 66
  449. Eat a philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia
  450. Visit a pink sand beach
  451. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  452. Eat Belgian chocolate in Belgium
  453. Attend a low country boil
  454. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  455. Attend a drag show
  456. Attend the Highland games
  457. Attend an estate sale
  458. Start a scholarship
  459. Learn self defense (completed in 2012)
  460. Ask for a raise
  461. Help someone cross something off of their bucket list
  462. Volunteer at an animal shelter (completed in 2018)
  463. Tube down a river (completed in 2018)
  464. Jump off a boat into the water
  465. Ice skate on a pond
  466. Sponsor a child
  467. Go hot tubbing in the cold
  468. Learn how to curl
  469. Go island hopping
  470. Try a hydrafacial
  471. Experience a midnight sun
  472. Beat a video game
  473. Do your own taxes (completed in 2018)
  474. Have a bullet journal (completed in 2018)
  475. Bowl a strike
  476. See a meteor shower
  477. Get a promotion
  478. Attend a baby shower (completed in 2015)
  479. Attend a bridal shower
  480. Visit the Scottish Highlands
  481. Become a mother
  482. Teach someone how to ride a bike (completed in 2013)
  483. Use the valet service
  484. Swim in the Atlantic and Pacific in the same day
  485. Try crossfit (completed in 2015)
  486. Make a candle (completed in 2018)
  487. Try hot yoga (completed in 2014)
  488. Plant at a community garden
  489. See a show in Vegas (completed in 2009)
  490. Visit an American plantation
  491. Go dragon boat racing
  492. Watch all of the Oscar nominees for best picture for one year (completed in 2018)
  493. Sell your crafts
  494. Learn quilting
  495. Join a running group
  496. Host a charity fundraiser
  497. Climb a rope
  498. Go on a honeymoon
  499. Learn to play poker
  500. Join a bone marrow registry (completed in 2017)
  501. Own a car
  502. Learn how to change a flat tire (completed in 2017)
  503. Visit the Nile river
  504. Buy something from an infomercial (completed in 2009)
  505. Have your dream wedding
  506. Drive a race car
  507. Eat tacos in Mexico
  508. Go glamping
  509. Win a bet at the races
  510. Make a hole in one
  511. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle
  512. Learn to play squash (completed in 2017)
  513. Charter a yacht
  514. Take a Zumba class (completed in 2010)
  515. Release sky lanterns
  516. Eat churrasco in Brazil
  517. Drink scotch in Scotland
  518. Have a champagne breakfast (completed in 2016)
  519. Attend a comedy festival
  520. Work in the tourism industry
  521. Work in the beauty/fashion industry
  522. Work in the entertainment industry
  523. Work for a non-profit (completed in 2016)Working at Habitat for Humanity
  524. Visit the Black Forest
  525. Have front row seats (completed in 2017)
  526. Enter a food eating competition
  527. Eat clam chowder in New England (completed in 2018)
  528. Visit the silk road
  529. See a geyser erupt
  530. Go Christmas carolling
  531. Stay in a capsule hotel
  532. Visit the Berlin wall
  533. Go spelunking
  534. Eat tourtiere in Quebec
  535. Go camping in your backyard
  536. Go Black Friday shopping (completed in 2018)
  537. Go water biking
  538. Create your own cookbook
  539. Set up a free little library
  540. Have the restaurant staff sing you happy birthday
  541. Take a horse drawn carriage in Central Park (completed in 2010)Horse drawn carriage in Central Park
  542. Take a vow of silence for a day
  543. Take a class on Craftsy (completed in 2017)
  544. Go on a ghost hunt
  545. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  546. Swim in all of the great lakes
  547. Become a toastmaster
  548. Have a Japanese cherry blossom tree
  549. Visit Lascaux cave
  550. Host a Sunday roast
  551. Visit the Sahara desert
  552. Visit Patagonia
  553. Be in Thailand for Songkran
  554. Visit a jazz bar in New Orleans
  555. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  556. Get picked up from the airport by somebody with your name on a sign
  557. Try microblading
  558. Try botox
  559. Spend the day at the spa with your girlfriends
  560. Eat fondue in Switzerland
  561. Eat paella in Spain
  562. Eat dim sum in China
  563. Eat macarons in France (completed in 2017)
  564. Eat soufflé in France (completed in 2017)
  565. Create latte art (completed in 2018)
  566. Make your own wine
  567. Volunteer at an orphanage
  568. Take a ride on a flyboarding jetpack
  569. Visit a Massai tribe
  570. Eat at a themed restaurant in Tokyo
  571. Create your own stationary (completed in 2017)
  572. See the Rockettes
  573. Have a time capsule (completed in 2013)
  574. Throw someone a surprise party
  575. Ski and surf in the same day
  576. Live within walking distance from the ocean (completed in 2013)
  577. Learn to hula hoop
  578. Ride a horse on the beach
  579. Create a mixtape for someone (completed in 2018)
  580. Visit a roller rink
  581. Make breakfast in bed for someone
  582. Help build a school (completed in 2013)Building a school in Ecuador
  583. Attend a pow wow
  584. Go scuba diving
  585. Attend prom (completed in 2013)Attending prom
  586. Learn to drive on the highway
  587. Google yourself and have something come up (completed in 2017)
  588. Wish upon a shooting star (completed in 2012)
  589. Fly a plane
  590. Eat breakfast at midnight (completed in 2016)
  591. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger (completed in 2017)
  592. Build an ice rink in your backyard
  593. Own a piece of artwork
  594. Visit the Alpha Eta chapter house
  595. Donate money and get your name put on something
  596. Dance in the rain
  597. Have a Wikipedia page
  598. Make a snapchat filter
  599. Try brow threading (completed in 2017)
  600. Be a member of a live studio audience for a sitcom
  601. Say yes to the dress
  602. Have a personal chef
  603. Try derma planing (completed in 2018)
  604. Run for office
  605. Own something monogrammed (completed in 2018)
  606. Own something bespoke
  607. Attend an opening night gala
  608. Be able to do a chin-up
  609. Stay in a five star resort
  610. Take a bungee workout class
  611. Find a pearl in an oyster
  612. Go go-cart racing
  613. Have a friendship bracelet (completed in 2017)
  614. Get a henna tattoo
  615. Be a spectator in a trial (completed in 2017)
  616. See a bison in the wild
  617. See a sloth in the wild
  618. Be an angel investor
  619. Cater a party
  620. Take a trampoline workout class
  621. Be in France for Bastille Day
  622. Be in Britain for Guy Fawkes Day
  623. Go on an electric pedal party
  624. Shop at a sample sale (completed in 2009)
  625. Eat schnitzel in Austria
  626. Eat black forest cake in Germany
  627. Eat baklava in Greece
  628. Meet a member of the royal family
  629. Get hair extensions
  630. Join a knitting group (completed in 2019)
  631. Have something engraved
  632. Eat shortbread in Scotland
  633. Take VIA rail
  634. Eat pizza in Italy (completed in 2002)
  635. Rent a villa
  636. Be able to do a backbend
  637. Host a barbecue (completed in 2018)
  638. Visit Cappadocia
  639. Visit the glow worm cave in New Zealand
  640. Go to a museum of art gallery by yourself (completed in 2017)
  641. Visit Japan in cherry blossom season
  642. Visit Griffith Park
  643. Visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  644. Visit Mall of America
  645. Attend a tailgate party
  646. Go indoor skiing
  647. Have a secret handshake
  648. Try laser resurfacing
  649. See the tulip fields in the Netherlands
  650. Take a picture with the Hollywood sign
  651. Catch fire flies
  652. Eat an insect
  653. Sleep in a blanket fort
  654. Watch a burlesque show
  655. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  656. Hang out on a roof
  657. Visit the pink lake
  658. Pull an April Fool’s Day prank on someone
  659. Go on a carnival date
  660. Make cider
  661. Visit the Taj Mahal
  662. Go on a day trip by yourself (completed in 2019)
  663. Ice skate in Central Park
  664. Learn how to snap (completed in 2018)
  665. Learn how to whistle (completed in 2018)
  666. Visit a corn maze
  667. Read a novel in one sitting (completed in 2017)
  668. Do a pack up & go trip
  669. Visit Mount Saint Michel
  670. Visit Colmar, France
  671. Go on a roadtrip with your best friend
  672. Swim with flamingos
  673. Go on an overwater beach swing
  674. Sleep on a trampoline
  675. Learn feng shui (completed in 2017)
  676. Make a terrarium (completed in 2018)
  677. Order one of everything off of a menu
  678. Explore a shipwreck
  679. Make jam from handpicked berries (completed in 2017)
  680. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
  681. Go on a mini golf date (completed in 2015)
  682. Try sand boarding
  683. Visit Yosemite National Park
  684. Make a DIY wreath (completed in 2018)
  685. Have a romantic balcony dinner
  686. Bake cookies in your car
  687. Visit Antelope Canyon in Arizona
  688. Visit the biggest library in the world
  689. Visit the Dalmatian coast
  690. Stay at Atlantis
  691. Visit the colosseum (completed in 2017)Coliseum in Rome
  692. Visit Pompeii
  693. Visit the tunnel of love
  694. Visit the Hobbit houses in New Zealand
  695. Attend an ugly Christmas sweater party
  696. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico
  697. Attend a Robbie Burns night
  698. Visit a cat café (completed in 2017)Cat cafe in Toronto
  699. Go suspended capsule biking
  700. Take a picture with a road sign (completed in 2018)Nova Scotia border
  701. Eat at a restaurant in a cave
  702. Eat at an underwater restaurant
  703. Do paddleboard yoga
  704. Pay for a stranger’s groceries
  705. Ship something back from a market abroad
  706. Go on a canopy walk
  707. Visit Mesa Verde National Park
  708. Spend a night at a Japanese temple
  709. Go on a ski vacation
  710. Attend Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  711. Go RVing
  712. Go to a concert by yourself
  713. Take a cooking class in another country
  714. Make a house of cards (completed in 2018)
  715. Eat waffles in Belgium
  716. Eat at a restaurant on a train
  717. See an orchestra play in St. Mark’s Square
  718. Work at a startup (completed in 2017)
  719. Ride a carousel in France
  720. Learn to cross stitch (completed in 2019)
  721. Play croquet
  722. Participate in a hackathon
  723. Go on a gin tour in London (completed in 2017)Gin Journey tour in London
  724. Be a producer
  725. Learn print making
  726. See rainbow eucalyptus trees
  727. Drive an open air jeep
  728. Attend a frat party (completed in 2014)
  729. Take a picture with the world’s biggest something (completed in 2018)Lobster capital of the world
  730. Take a bateau mouche along the Seine
  731. Ride in a side by side (completed in 2017)
  732. Ride in a golf cart
  733. Play cosmic bingo (completed in 2018)
  734. See the salmon run
  735. Get a lash lift (completed in 2018)
  736. Have a financial advisor (completed in 2018)
  737. Try virtual reality (completed in 2019)
  738. Eat tapas in Spain
  739. Eat meatballs in Sweden
  740. Eat Yorkshire pudding in England (completed in 2005)
  741. Make pie from handpicked fruit (completed in 2018)
  742. Eat escargot in France
  743. Eat cuisses de grenouilles in France
  744. Have a personalized wax seal (completed in 2018)
  745. Eat tzaziki in Greece
  746. Eat spanakopita in Greece
  747. Eat steak in Argentina
  748. Eat strudel in Austria
  749. Eat French onion soup in France (completed in 2017)
  750. Eat crème brulee in France (completed in 2017)
  751. Eat a crepe in France (completed in 2017)
  752. Eat tiramisu in Italy (completed in 2017)
  753. Have a life coach
  754. Take an interior design class
  755. Be a search angel (completed in 2019)
  756. Eat jamabalya in Louisiana
  757. Eat beignets in Louisiana
  758. Drink prosecco in Italy
  759. Go on a food crawl
  760. Own shares in a company
  761. Watch all 100 movies on your movie bucket list
  762. Complete your Ontario bucket list
  763. Complete your Maritimes bucket list
  764. Complete your Toronto restaurant bucket list
  765. Complete your Halifax restaurant bucket list (completed in 2018)
  766. Attend a food festival (completed in 2017)
  767. Go on a food tour (completed in 2008)
  768. Roast chestnuts on an open fire
  769. Forage for mushrooms
  770. Attend a cook off
  771. Stay in a chalet
  772. Stay in a monastery
  773. Attend a book reading
  774. Stay in a Bedouin tent (completed in 2016)
  775. Have something embossed (completed in 2018)
  776. Go to a rave
  777. Eat pesto in Liguria (completed in 2017)
  778. Visit a beer garden in Germany
  779. Buy yourself a birthday gift (completed in 2017)
  780. Foster an animal from a shelter
  781. Make your own tea blend (completed in 2017)
  782. Have a Sunday roast in England (completed in 2005)
  783. Drink port in Portugal (completed in 2018)drinking port in Portugal, calem port winery, porto
  784. Eat couscous in Morocco
  785. Learn to knit in a round (completed in 2017)
  786. Eat jerk chicken in Jamaica
  787. Eat Jamaican patties in Jamaica
  788. Drink sherry in Spain
  789. Hear yodeling in Switzerland
  790. Visit the Ganges
  791. Visit the Greek Islands
  792. Participate in a smudging ceremony (completed in 2017)
  793. Eat vegemite in Australia
  794. Release a water lantern in Hoi An
  795. Make your own gin
  796. Make your own cheese
  797. Be your own boss
  798. Spin your own yarn
  799. Hit a bull’s eye
  800. Eat a falafel in the middle east (completed in 2016)
  801. Eat shawarma in the middle east (completed in 2016)
  802. Crack a lobster (completed in 2016)
  803. Be able to do a plank (completed in 2018)
  804. Attend a paint nite (completed in 2016)
  805. Do aerial yoga (completed in 2018)
  806. Attend Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  807. Go axe throwing (completed in 2019)
  808. Go knife throwing
  809. Visit Grouse Mountain
  810. Attend a Super Bowl party (completed in 2015)
  811. Visit a rice farm in South East Asia
  812. Try going vegan (completed in 2019)
  813. Be in Times Square for New Years
  814. Eat moules frites in Belgium
  815. Visit Anne Frank’s house (completed in 2007)
  816. Do a clam dig
  817. Be a snowbird
  818. Visit the Whitsundays
  819. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s
  820. Visit London in every season
  821. Visit Dollywood
  822. Attend a friendsgiving
  823. Visit Salem, Massachusetts
  824. Visit Martha’s Vineyard
  825. Attend Carnaval in Quebec
  826. Own property in a foreign country
  827. Go to space
  828. Visit the Hamptons
  829. Celebrate Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec
  830. Drink caribou in Quebec
  831. Play dungeons and dragons
  832. Go on a river cruise
  833. Stay at an Inn
  834. Visit Baden Baden
  835. Complete an escape room (completed in 2016)
  836. Stay on a private island (completed in 2015)
  837. Do a homestay
  838. Bike through the South of France
  839. Visit a lavender field in the South of France
  840. Visit a vineyard in the South of France
  841. Own a vineyard
  842. Buy a perfume from Grasse, France
  843. Become a member of the Fille du Roi society
  844. Request your grandfather’s military records (completed in 2018)
  845. Celebrate Orthodox Easter in Greece
  846. Have a siesta in Spain
  847. Eat poutine in Quebec
  848. Eat fish ‘n chips in the UK (completed in 2001)
  849. Eat pho in Vietnam
  850. Eat pastel de nata in Portugal (completed in 2018)
  851. Eat poke in Hawaii
  852. Eat a croissant in France (completed in 2001)
  853. Eat arepas in Venezuela
  854. Eat goulash in Hungary
  855. Eat massaman curry in Thailand
  856. Eat kimchi in Korea
  857. Eat ramen in Japan
  858. Eat deep dish pizza in Chicago (completed in 2006)
  859. Visit the catacombs of Paris (completed in 2001)
  860. Visit a bazaar (completed in 2016)
  861. Visit a high rollers room
  862. Visit a bamboo forest in Japan
  863. Stay on the Las Vegas strip (completed in 2009)Las Vegas Strip
  864. Visit Stonehenge (completed in 2005)
  865. Get a Thai massage in Thailand
  866. Visit the Giant’s Causeway
  867. Eat herring in the Netherlands
  868. Drive on ring road in Iceland
  869. Sit courtside
  870. Meet a hero
  871. Visit Plitvice lake in Croatia
  872. Visit champagne lake in New Zealand
  873. Visit Ha Long Bay in Vietnam
  874. Take photos in an infiniti pool
  875. Visit a windmill in the Netherlands (completed in 2007)
  876. Visit the red light district in Amsterdam (completed in 2007)
  877. Own a restaurant
  878. Bike in the Netherlands (completed in 2007)
  879. Visit the D-Day beaches
  880. Visit Masada (completed in 2016)Masada, Israel
  881. Visit the old city of Jerusalem (completed in 2016)
  882. Visit the old city of Akko (completed in 2016)
  883. Visit a brown café in the Netherlands
  884. Visit the Gobi desert
  885. Visit Bali
  886. Visit the forbidden city
  887. Visit table mountain
  888. Pan for gold
  889. Smoke at a hookah bar
  890. Drink moonshine (completed in 2018)
  891. Get a seaweed wrap
  892. Join a sorority (completed in 2014)Sorority letters
  893. Publish an article in an academic journal
  894. Send my parents on vacation
  895. Pay for someone’s expired parking meter (completed in 2018)
  896. Try a molecular gastronomy (completed in 2018)
  897. Drink at a distillery (completed in 2015)
  898. Eat a cannoli in Italy (completed in 2017)
  899. Eat kobe beef in Japan
  900. Take honey from a beehive
  901. Tap a maple tree
  902. Complete a triathlon
  903. Try laughing yoga
  904. Walk on a glacier
  905. See a rodeo
  906. Complete a ropes course
  907. Eat feijoada in Brazil
  908. Pay for the person behind me in the drive through
  909. Stay at a ryokan in Japan
  910. Host a foreign exchange student
  911. Try pilsner in the Czech Republic
  912. Drink chianti in Chianti
  913. Visit an oxygen bar
  914. Visit a driving range
  915. Hold a koala
  916. Go mud sliding
  917. Win trivia
  918. Cook through your family recipes
  919. Pick your own citrus
  920. Pick your own olives
  921. Go cross country skiing
  922. Ride on a mountain coaster
  923. Go snow shoeing (completed in 2005)
  924. Visit a Kasbah
  925. Be able to do the splits
  926. Go away for your birthday weekend
  927. Have an apres ski
  928. Do a paint by numbers (completed in 2018)
  929. Try grappa in Italy
  930. Have a bellini at Harry’s bar
  931. Have a chiccheti in Venice
  932. Have apertivo in Milan
  933. Drink scrumpy in England
  934. Have a passeggiata in Italy (completed in 2017)
  935. Meet a celebrity (completed in 2014)
  936. Take an event planning class (completed in 2018)
  937. Have your palm read (completed in 2018)
  938. Leave a 100% tip (completed in 2018)
  939. Do a wine tasting (completed in 2016)
  940. Try New York pizza (completed in 2008)
  941. Take a selfie underwater
  942. Spend a night in a haunted house (completed in 2013)
  943. Learn to play guitar (completed in 2007)
  944. Take your parents out for a nice dinner
  945. Throw a huge party
  946. Do a zombie run
  947. Stay in a treehouse hotel
  948. Attend Coachella
  949. Eat biscuits and gravy in the south
  950. Go snorkelling (completed in 2006)
  951. See a TED talk
  952. Have someone named after you
  953. Be part of a secret society
  954. Drink coffee in Turkey
  955. Attend an Australian barbecue
  956. Eat at an Izakaya in Japan
  957. Paint outdoors (completed in 2018)
  958. Drink ouzo in Greece
  959. Visit Chefchauoen, Morocco
  960. Ride in a catamaran (completed in 2015)
  961. Find your lookalike
  962. Have your own office
  963. Go bird watching
  964. Take part in a groundhog day ceremony
  965. Visit Gibraltar
  966. Drink ginjinha in Lisbon (completed in 2018)
  967. Party an extra hour when daylight savings begins
  968. Have a book dedicated to you
  969. Be a frequent flyer (completed in 2016)
  970. Drive on the Pan American highway (completed in 2013)
  971. Visit a public house in Scotland
  972. Take a linguistics class (completed in 2018)
  973. Go on a voodoo tour
  974. Attend a Winter classic
  975. See a gorilla in the wild
  976. Be in the audience of a late night talk show
  977. Take an archaeology class (completed in 2018)
  978. Take a documentary film making class (completed in 2018)
  979. Take an anthropology class (completed in 2018)
  980. Take a computer science class (completed in 2018)
  981. Have Shabbat dinner in Israel (completed in 2016)
  982. Go on an apple picking date (completed in 2018)
  983. Pick someone up from the airport with a sign
  984. Visit a skating trail
  985. Stay at a farmhouse in Tuscany
  986. Visit the world’s capital of something (completed in 2018)
  987. Play petanque in France
  988. Drink sweet tea in the South
  989. Harvest your own nuts
  990. Visit a revolving restaurant
  991. Go on a paseo in Spain
  992. Visit a milk bar in Poland
  993. Visit the baths in Hungary
  994. Be in Italy for Epiphany
  995. Drink at a robotic bar
  996. Drink mamajuana in the Dominican Republic
  997. Eat stollen in Germany
  998. Eat beigli in Hungary
  999. Eat Christmas pudding at Christmas (completed in 2018)
  1000. Visit the Dordogne
  1001. Try smorgasbord in Sweden
  1002. Attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade
  1003. Drink jenever in the Netherlands
  1004. Visit an ashram in India
  1005. Take a felucca in Egypt
  1006. Visit a sagra in Italy
  1007. Drink vinho verde in Portugal (completed in 2018)
  1008. Have a fika in Sweden
  1009. Experience hygge in Denmark
  1010. Join an organ donor registry (completed in 2011)
  1011. Visit a public house in Ireland
  1012. Stay at a riad in Morocco
  1013. Wade in a cranberry bog
  1014. Stay at a kibbutz in Israel (completed in 2016)
  1015. Wear a fascinator to an event
  1016. Go sea kayaking
  1017. Visit a caseta in Spain
  1018. Rent a house boat
  1019. Ride in a tuktuk
  1020. Throw the first pitch at a baseball game
  1021. See the Fall foliage in New England (completed in 2018)
  1022. Attend a church service at a European church
  1023. Go on a desert jeep safari (completed in 2016)
  1024. Read one book about each of the major religions
  1025. Ride a bullet train (completed in 2017)
  1026. Try rug hooking
  1027. Work in the food/beverage industry
  1028. Take a chocolate making class
  1029. Have a colourful door
  1030. Have a coat of arms
  1031. Get an honorary degree
  1032. Attend Sundance
  1033. Take a PR class (completed in 2018)
  1034. Take a fashion course (completed in 2018)
  1035. Spend Christmas in Europe
  1036. Cook your parents a three course meal (completed in 2018)
  1037. Take a cake decorating class
  1038. Take a sommelier class
  1039. Make your own kombucha (completed in 2018)
  1040. Be in France for Le Vendage
  1041. Learn to barbecue (completed in 2018)
  1042. Own a pantsuit
  1043. Attend Wimbledon
  1044. Attend an engagement party
  1045. Get eyelash extensions (completed in 2015)
  1046. Attend a block party
  1047. Attend a film premiere
  1048. Catch the bouquet at a wedding
  1049. Ride in a snow coach
  1050. Go on a haunted pub crawl
  1051. Make a tiered cake
  1052. Have a secret family recipe
  1053. Make your own bath bombs
  1054. Make your own soap
  1055. Pickle something (completed in 2018)
  1056. Go bog walking in Estonia
  1057. Survive a cold sauna
  1058. Go on a yoga retreat
  1059. Get a Swedish massage in Sweden
  1060. Complete a 30 day squat challenge
  1061. Complete a 30 day ab challenge
  1062. Go canopy cycling
  1063. Get a chemical peel
  1064. Be a seat filler
  1065. Make stained glass
  1066. Try a hot dog in Iceland
  1067. Build a treehouse
  1068. Attend Grand Prix
  1069. Take the Rocky Mountaineer Train
  1070. Hear polka music in Czech Republic
  1071. Visit Angoville-au-Plain church
  1072. Visit Lake Bled, Slovenia
  1073. Visit a lighthouse (completed in 2013)Peggy
  1074. Try Ethiopian food (completed in 2018)
  1075. Attend a silent disco
  1076. Attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace
  1077. Eat ceviche in Peru
  1078. Buy a watch in Switzerland
  1079. Have an olive oil tasting
  1080. Drive on the other side of the road
  1081. Stay at a gite in France
  1082. Have a personal assistant
  1083. Eat at a bouchon in Lyon
  1084. Celebrate Nowruz in Iran
  1085. Visit a tiki bar (completed in 2018)
  1086. Try microdermabrasion (completed in 2018)
  1087. Swim in a cenote
  1088. Attend a beach party (completed in 2018)
  1089. Attend a ball (completed in 2014)Dental Ball
  1090. Attend a high school reunion
  1091. Make a scrapbook (completed in 2010)
  1092. Try microneedling (completed in 2018)
  1093. Try pilates (completed in 2018)
  1094. Attend Royal Ascot
  1095. Grow a watermelon
  1096. Grow a pumpkin
  1097. Grow a peach tree
  1098. Shuck an oyster
  1099. Sleep in a lighthouse
  1100. Watch every movie by one director
  1101. Visit a sauna in Finland
  1102. Have a Rijsttafel in the Netherlands
  1103. Have a wood burning fireplace
  1104. Eat borscht in Eastern Europe
  1105. Host a high tea
  1106. Take a culinary history class (completed in 2018)
  1107. Take a 30 day water challenge (completed in 2018)
  1108. Break Ramadan fast in a muslim country
  1109. Stay in a cave house in Santorini
  1110. Eat meze in Turkey
  1111. Eat cider donuts in the Northeast
  1112. Visit a flower U-pick farm
  1113. Host a garden party
  1114. Eat a tomato pie in Philadelphia
  1115. Visit the Amalfi coast
  1116. Drink bourbon in the south
  1117. Eat adobo in the Philippines
  1118. Cross an international border by foot
  1119. Stay in a penthouse
  1120. Go for high tea in Hong Kong
  1121. Visit a floating village
  1122. Have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day (Completed in 2016)
  1123. Visit a nordic spa
  1124. Have a tailor
  1125. Dine at a three star Michelin restaurant
  1126. Attend art Basel
  1127. Have a membership to an art gallery/museum
  1128. Have a dermatologist
  1129. Eat at a table d’hote in France
  1130. Eat derby pie in Kentucky
  1131. Eat shrimp and grits in the South
  1132. Attend Venice Biennale
  1133. Attend Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival
  1134. Go on a palaeontology dig
  1135. Visit Sicily
  1136. Go clearyaking in crystal blue water
  1137. Celebrate Hogmanay in Scotland
  1138. Watch a space launch
  1139. Try tajine in Morocco
  1140. Hike Lake Havasu
  1141. Drink Zinfandel in Croatia
  1142. Visit a Hammam in Morocco
  1143. Get WSET Certified
  1144. Be a member of a winery

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