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#78 Try acupuncture & #414 Try Cupping

Although I'm not scared of needles, acupuncture has always freaked me out. The thought have having needles stuck in me for an extended period of time creates a slideshow of all the possible horror stories in my mind. In reality, I've heard nothing but good things about the ancient Chinese practice; one of my friends… Continue reading #78 Try acupuncture & #414 Try Cupping

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#141 Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant

If you're a foodie like me, eating at a Michelin star restaurant is a must for your bucket list.  Michelin stars are an international benchmark that indicate restaurants with dishes of exceptional quality. You may be wondering why a gourmet restaurant rating system shares a name with a brand of tires. The Michelin Tire company… Continue reading #141 Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant

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#111 Attend a Foam Party

As a former sorority girl, I've attended my fair share of frat parties. During this time, I had the pleasure of attending the epitome of a frat party - the foam party. It's an event where the entire venue is covered in foam; usually dispensed from a foam generator. The guests typically don their best… Continue reading #111 Attend a Foam Party