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10 Winter Bucket List Ideas

Often times, the cold Winter season seems like it can put a damper on our bucket list dreams. In reality, there are so many experiences and opportunities that can exclusively be experienced in the Winter. With the help of Live in 10 Countries, Our Kind of Crazy, Resrutt, Dream Big Travel Far and The Travel… Continue reading 10 Winter Bucket List Ideas

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#78 Try acupuncture & #414 Try Cupping

Although I'm not scared of needles, acupuncture has always freaked me out. The thought have having needles stuck in me for an extended period of time creates a slideshow of all the possible horror stories in my mind. In reality, I've heard nothing but good things about the ancient Chinese practice; one of my friends… Continue reading #78 Try acupuncture & #414 Try Cupping

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#277 Be a Member of the Audience on a Talk Show

As an avid watcher daytime TV, it only made sense that I would want to see it unfold in the flesh. One of my best friends, Kaitlin Narciso - blogger behind A Caffeinated Life, was working as the Talent and Guest Coordinator at the daytime talk show The Social. When she invited me to be an… Continue reading #277 Be a Member of the Audience on a Talk Show