Blueberries in Oxford
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#679 Make Jam from Handpicked Berries

This item on my bucket list was inspired by my friend Kaitlin, who when asked about her hobbies will proudly boast about her jam making abilities. After listening to her speak about how fun and easy the jam making process is, I thought I’d put in on my bucket list.  Following my trip to Oxford,… Continue reading #679 Make Jam from Handpicked Berries

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#142 Cook Through Every Recipe in a Cookbook

I've decided to cook through every recipe from a cookbook called France from the Source  by Lonely Planet. Northern France Crémeux de chou-fleur (cream of cauliflower soup) Rillettes de sardines (sardine pâté) Camembert au four (baked camembert) Ramequines avec trois fromages normandes (ramekins with three Normandy cheeses) Baguette Soupe à l'oignon gratinée (French onion soup)… Continue reading #142 Cook Through Every Recipe in a Cookbook