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#276 Attend a Garden Party

Garden parties are the epitome of opulence.  Queen Victoria started the British tradition when she began hosting breakfasts for members of the royal family.  The tradition continues today as Queen Elizabeth II throws multiple garden parties each year.  Garden parties are a little bit out of the ordinary for me, which was all the more… Continue reading #276 Attend a Garden Party

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#111 Attend a Foam Party

As a former sorority girl, I've attended my fair share of frat parties. During this time, I had the pleasure of attending the epitome of a frat party - the foam party. It's an event where the entire venue is covered in foam; usually dispensed from a foam generator. The guests typically don their best… Continue reading #111 Attend a Foam Party

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#316 Party in a Private Booth of a Nightclub

My friend, Janessa, attended a pub crawl in December, and the final destination was one of the biggest club in the city - Cheers.  When she finally arrived at the end of the night, she was greeted with a massive line circled around the building.  In classic Cheers fashion, they were only letting people in… Continue reading #316 Party in a Private Booth of a Nightclub