#438 Go on a Volunteer Trip to a Foreign Country

Going on a volunteer trip to a foreign country was one of the first things I put on my bucket list. Luckily enough, my school planned a trip to Ecuador with Me to We during March Break in my last year of high school. The trip was also perfect for me to practice my Spanish,… Continue reading #438 Go on a Volunteer Trip to a Foreign Country

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#698 Visit a Cat Cafe

The Taiwanese trend of cat cafés have exploded in recent years. They typically operate as a regular café that serves food & drink, with the addition of some cats (and extra health & safety infrastructure). As someone who lives in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, I definitely see the need for some outlets to… Continue reading #698 Visit a Cat Cafe

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#195 Take a Wine Tour of Napa Valley

Being a wine lover, Napa Valley was obviously on my bucket list. When a business trip to San Francisco popped up, I knew that I needed to extend my trip to make a visit to the wine capital of the USA. I was making the trip solo, so I started looking into guided group tours… Continue reading #195 Take a Wine Tour of Napa Valley