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#735 Try a Lash Lift

I've always loved trying out new beauty trends. Most of them seem to be offering a simple answer to a longtime beauty concern, but very few are actually worth the hype. In the past, I've tried out eyelash extension (individual lashes semi-permanently glued to the eyelid), but didn't enjoy the upkeep or the look when… Continue reading #735 Try a Lash Lift


#138 Write a Note in the Western Wall of Jerusalem

A visit to the Western Wall is an absolute must for a trip to Jerusalem. It's the #1 tourist destination in Israel, and gets more visitors annually than the Eiffel Tower. The wall is the last remaining portion of the ancient Jewish Temple, and is extremely important in Judaism. It's definitely worth a visit no… Continue reading #138 Write a Note in the Western Wall of Jerusalem


#966 Try Ginjinha in Lisbon

When I was planning my trip to Portugal, I started looking into unique culinary experiences. As most of my European travel planning ends up, I ended up watching Rick Steves videos. I learned about a Lisbon tradition of drinking shots of ginjinha - a sour cherry liquor that is served with or without berries. There are… Continue reading #966 Try Ginjinha in Lisbon