My name is Adrienne Clement and I’m a 22 year old hailing from Toronto, Canada.  I started a bucket list 10 years ago consisting of 100 items, and it has been growing ever since.  Having a bucket list gave me a sense of purpose, as it reminded me to focus on what’s important in life.  Often times, I think I have all the time in the world to accomplish my goals and don’t make any tangible efforts to get there.  My bucket list pushes me to take small steps everyday to checking the next thing off of the list.  Also, I think that writing something down on paper can have some pretty magical powers.

I’m currently residing in Halifax, Canada where I’m completing a fellowship with Venture for Canada.  When I’m not planning my next adventure, I can be found at my day job as a Business Development Representative at a San Francisco based startup, doing anything crafty, or mixing up a mean gin and tonic.

I post every Monday about the experience of checking off one of the items off of my list.  My posts tend to be about food & drink, travel, and overall unique experiences.  I started Bucket Half Full because I hope to inspire people to start a bucket list, or add some new items to their list.  I love connecting with people on social media, so I thought a blog might be a way to do that on a bigger scale.

I love connecting with readers and hearing about what’s on their bucket list.  If you would like to get in touch, please email adriennejclement@gmail or reach out on social media.